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Face Painting at the UF Homecoming Festival

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

Tabling... but with some extra fun and (literal) sparkle!

Hospitaliteam had so much fun engaging with parents, students, and younger ones at the UF Homecoming Festival! Beyond our standard tabling setup, we also organized our very own face painting booth.

Kylie, Tiffany, and Alyssa, our talented artists, enjoyed conversations with clients as they painted their masterpieces. While a large majority of requests were school-spirited (Go Gators!), some sparkly butterflies did make an appearance.

A big thank you to the rest of our team as well for helping out at the event and making sure things ran so smoothly!

PS: We definitely want to incorporate more face painting into our future events. ;)

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1 Comment

tiffany liu
tiffany liu
Nov 07, 2021

such a fun event!!

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