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  • What's unique about volunteering with Hospitaliteam?
    We are the first student-run volunteer organization at UF that aims to serve the adult patient population at Shands Hospital. We visit patients to offer them company and various personal care and leisure items from our Hospitality Cart. By providing compassionate care, we hope to help patients feel more welcome and comfortable in the hospital setting.
  • What's in our Hospitality Cart?
    Our Hospitality Cart includes a combination of personal care items (such as hairbrushes and deodorant) and leisure items (such as sudoku puzzles and coloring pages). We are always looking for ways to include even more items in our cart in the future! During your shifts, our Hospitality Cart will serve as a way for you to get your foot in the door to having meaningful conversations with patients!
  • What will the weekly volunteering commitments be like?
    To be a Shands volunteer in good standing, you will need to volunteer weekly at your 3-hour shift. This shift will be scheduled at the same time every week throughout the semester. You will be volunteering with one other Hospitaliteam member, and the two of you will work together to manage the Hospitality Cart and interact with patients. Outside of your regular shift in Shands, we will also have external service events throughout the semester. We ask that you participate in at least three of these to remain in good standing with our organization.
  • Will my volunteer hours with Hospitaliteam count as clinical experience?
    Yes! You will be working directly with patients to provide them with hospitality items and companionship in a hospital setting.
  • What are we looking for in applicants?
    We are looking for individuals who are passionate about our mission and serving others! Talking with patients requires being sensitive to their difficult situations, so we look for empathy and compassion in our volunteers as well. We also ask that you have at least two semesters remaining before you graduate and that you are able to obtain all of the immunizations required to volunteer in the hospital. You do not need to have any previous clinical experience to apply!
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